Blogger Hacks: Introducing the Mini Series!

I was reflecting back on blogging life that I’ve had with Blogger, and how I wished there were some things that someone had told or taught me in the beginning. It would’ve made my life a lot easier back then… What’s that they say about hindsight?

Then I thought, Hey, maybe I can be that someone for somebody else!

So the plan is to post once a week a tip/trick that I have picked up along my journey as a blogger that will, not only make your life easier, but will give your blog that professional looking edge without the price tag. An added bonus in learning some computer based skills is that they are most definitely transferable!

I’m thinking Friday might be the best day to put these posts up so you’ll have the weekend to try anything that takes your fancy. Good? Good.

Catch you guys this time next week
Don’t forget your thinking caps!

Renae McKenzie

Just an Aussie book blogger, making my way through life one book at a time.