Book Window Shopping

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m waiting for one thing or another – the bus, food to cook, roommate to get out of the shower – I find myself scrolling (or is it flicking if it’s on your phone?) through Instagram.

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And my account follows SO MANY book bloggers that my feed is basically just pictures of books or quotes from books.

It’s amazing! So many beautiful and artfully take photos that I am envious of them and I wish that I could be creative (or have the time to try to be) with my photos.

My point is, it’s just so satisfying and relaxing being able to sit there and look at picture after endless picture of books.

It’s it crazy the thing that we find relaxing? Like, some of the things that are relaxing are seriously random. I mean, case and point above.

Please tell me you lovely people feel the same way?
Tell me I’m not alone!

Renae McKenzie

Just an Aussie book blogger, making my way through life one book at a time.