About Me


Renae here, coming to your screen from Australia!

As you can probably tell, I love to read. The books that I like to read the most are contemporary, magic based, and heist and assassin-based novels, but heaven forgive you if you try to get me to read ANOTHER vampire book (Twilight and it’s Twi-hards somehow managed to kill the genre for me – without any beheading or stakes through the heart!).

I am an Engineer trying to balance my addiction to books with the need to adult AND have a social life. I think that I am managing . . . just. Thankfully, after all that, I still find the time – usually in the wee hours of the morning – to sit down and blog about all the wonderful books that I have read, or (a more lengthy list) of those that I wish to read.

Moving across the country away from my family, friends, and where I grew up, for work was a major (and slightly terrifying) milestone in my life. But, it was like the catalyst in a novel, propelling the characters to begin their misadventures. It forces me out here into the real world, with its never-ending cycle of bills and laundry. It has enabled me to grow into (what I like to think is) a fully fledged adult that can do things like my taxes, and eat my vegetables. Then, when all that adulting becomes too much, I just grab one of those magical, book-sized portals that cover my shelves, transport me to their wonderful worlds. So a big THANK YOU to all the authors out there doing me this wonderful service!


So that’s me! Love me or hate me (or even a little of both), but either way, READ MY BLOG!


Happy reading!

Renae McKenzie